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The Mozart House brand was founded in Austria. Despite the name, it has nothing to do with music. But like music, it is directly linked to aesthetics, beauty and creativity
Today, a complete range of products for manicure, pedicure and artificial nail modeling is available under the Mozart House brand. Our products are not only in demand among professional manicurists, but also among ordinary consumers.

A special feature of the Mozart House products is the amazing quality. In the modern world, it has become common to save quality at a low price. This does not apply to us. When you buy Mozart House you get a first class product! At the same time,we have no doubt that successful business of beauty salons requires a cost-effective options for customers. We have managed to find the best balance between low price and excellent quality. Test our products to ascertain it! Another characteristic of our products is an absolute safety and friendly attitude towards the environment and cruelty-free . Products for modeling of artificial nails are manufactured in Germany and meet all safety regulations.

Mozart House Instruments

Why do professionals love our tools
The tool is made of medical steel of the highest hardness ,elasticity and durability
Hand sharpening
Before the sale, each tool is manually sharpened by a specialist
Our tools are not only reliable and convenient, but also beautiful and stylish
The Mozart House tools make your work incredibly easy
Good price
Our prices will surprise and delight you
The tool does not lose its ability to work for at least 10 years and does not require adjustments

Manual sharpening only!
After manufacturing, we manually sharpen all tools to make work process with them easier over many years

Articles that are most popular with our customers
Practical scissors made from the best medical steel of excellent design. Cutting length 20mm
Hand sharpening
Nail scissors
Extra sharp premium nail scissors with curved cutting edge - for fingernails and toenails - also suitable for left-handers
Cuticle forceps
Practical pliers made of the best medical steel of excellent design. Cutting length 5mm
Hand sharpening
Nail pliers
The best steel. Comfortable ergonomics. Outstanding design. Manual sharpening

Products for modeling

We have a good selection of high quality products for artificial nails
Our concept is Good Quality at an Affordable Price! Our goal is absolute Satisfaction of our customers!
Nail extension is a procedure that maintains our nails and makes them aesthetically pleasing. Sometimes it is necessary to access this procedure for those who have natural nails with an irregular shape, tendency to break down and get exfoliated as they grow back.

Large nails are strong, reliable and, unlike normal manicures, personal care requires a minimum, which has to be done several times a week. We have developed a range of nail products that make it easier for you to get great results.
Gel Polish "Mozart House" is applied as a normal varnish and looks like a colored gel. The practical cap of a bottle and the brush makes it possible to apply the gel polish evenly. Polymerization time for gel polish: 30 seconds (in LED devices) or 2 minutes (in UV devices). The color gel stays on the nails for up to three weeks without breaking, without changing its color. This gel polish can be easily removed in 10 minutes. "Gel Polish Mozart House" is a new patented technology. These colored gels are applied like paint directly from the bottle with a brush, but polymerized like gel.

Gel polishes are removed much faster than current soak off gels. However, the most incredible difference is the polymerization method (solidification). "Mozart House" gel polishes are polymerized both under normal UV light and under an LED source. In this case, the gel solidification time is reduced by 4 to 5 times in the latter case
Articles that are most popular with our customers
Gel Polish Ultra Gloss Mozart House is an innovative, ultra-bright topcoat. Used as the last layer. Creates a strong monolithic structure, ensures flawless shine, maximum strength and durability
Adwanced Gel
The gels contain Faberglass - high-strength transparent glass fiber particles. In this form, they have unusual technical properties: an artificial nail bends non-destructively, does not splinter and does not break
Gel Lack 10ml
Gel Polish Mozart House coating does not dissolve and retains a flawless light color for at least two weeks. The product formula has a rich, dense color.
Curing time in a UV lamp: 3 minutes
Gel Lack 15ml
Gel Polish Mozart House coating does not dissolve and retains a flawless light color for at least two weeks. The product formula has a rich, dense color.
Curing time in a UV lamp: 3 minutes

Brushes and files

by Mozart House Store
Perfect nail modeling requires professional brushes
Here you will find the right brush for every nail modeling process. All made in Germany
Files Mozart House are made in Germany
Files of different hardness and shape are offered in the online shop
If you have any questions or would like to order our products, please send us your inquiry

About us
trade / production / education
The Mozart House brand was founded in Austria in 1965 in the home country of the great composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

In a house in the spa town of Bad Radkersburg in southern Austria, according to biographers, the young Mozart stayed on a trip to Italy. This fact became fundamental when choosing a name.
Mozart's name also inspires success and reminds us that everything we produce must be excellent and flawless. Mozart's name also inspires success and reminds us that everything we produce must be excellent and flawless.
M.A.H. GmbH differentiates and sells manicure tools. German quality concerns include belonging to the right product and the right people. Our brand is dedicated to work with developers and designers, and move out of the best manufacturing facilities.
When the technology of nail extension and modeling was launched in the world, the range was purchased with a number of consequences for this process. Today we manufacture each component for market needs such as- gel, acrylic, gel polish and tools, brushes, files, UV- Lamps and nail care products.
We release our products with the latest industry qualifications and trends.
The M.A.H. Bildungs- und Handels-GmbH is from 2010 in the German capital Berlin. We offer products for nail-art, manicure, pedicure as well as nail modeling.
To help our customers master the model techniques, we have created an international school network, the Academy of Style Mozart House. In these schools we not only teach the profession of a manicurist and nail artist, but also train in the field of the beauty industry - hairdresser, stylist, makeup artist and beautician.
The Academy of Style offers more than a hundred training programs with different levels of difficulty.
The schools of the Mozart House Academy of Style were founded in various countries, including Russia, under the license of our company.
Today, Mozart House is not just a company, but an international group of companies operating in various business areas.
In parallel with the management of the beauty industry, we launched a large project in the trade and production of wine, opened a chain of bars, a French restaurant and a law firm

Bad Radkersburg:
The company M.A.H.GmbH was founded in 1965 in this city
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